Wowzers...Power of Plastic Surgery! Can You Believe These Two Women Are Aged 69???

A woman named Jane (pictured right), has spent the last couple of years undergoing extensive surgical and cosmetic enhancements to avoid looking as old as her grandmother did when she was her age.

Jane is 69. Her late grandmother is pictured left when she was 69.

The shocking contrast in appearance is what prompted Jane to seek drastic measures in order not to age like her grandma.

It's true what they say - white folks age really fast. While black don't crack.

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69 - without surgery

69 - with surgery

Tina Turner - 76

Tina Turner

Diahann Carroll - 81

Cicely Tyson - 91

Phylicia Rashad - 68

Alfre Woodard - 64

Lynn Whitfield - 63

Loretta Devine - 67

Meryl Streep - 67