'You're A Deceptive Babalawo In Suit & Tie!' • Nigerians Drag TB Joshua For Wrongfully Predicting Hillary Clinton Will Win US Election

Last week, controversial prophet TB Joshua predicted that Hillary Clinton would win the US Presidential election.

He claimed that God showed him she would win the electoral race with a very thin margin.

Welp. That didn't happen. He took a big fat 'L' - and now Nigerians are angry with his "false prophecy".

In a prophesy posted on the church’s official Facebook page, Joshua was quoted as telling his congregation: “Ten days ago, I saw the new President of America with a narrow win. The new President will be facing several challenges over many issues, including: passing bills, attempts to possibly pass a vote of no confidence on the new President. The boat of the new President will be rocked.”By the way, in order not to keep you in suspense, what I frankly saw is a woman.”