Bisi Alimi does u-turn, apologizes for staging women's march protest in Nigeria after backlash from Nigerians who asked him of he's a man or woman

Just like women around the world staged a protest against Donald Trump, gay activist Bisi Alimi, declared his intention to stage a march for the Nigerian woman. The London based activist took to his Instagram to make his intentions known. He wrote:

"It's time to demand dignity for #Nigeria women, join the march on the 21 Feb anywhere you are in the world. Enough of #domesticviolence enough of #childmarriage enough #maritalrape. It's time to demand dignity for Nigeria women. Join the movement and use #Nigerianwomenmarch. Date again is Feb 21st."

However due to the amount of backlash he received for his post, he deleted it and issued an apology.