begs club to ban his girlfriend's father from coming in so that he can comfortably chat up other girls

This is a screenshot of a Facebook message from a man asking a nightclub to look for a reason to ban his girlfriend's father so as to give him freedom to chat other girls.

The young man sent a message to Bolton’s Level nightclub in Greater Manchester, England, and asked them to look for an excuse to ban the 37-year-old father of his partner. He went on to suggest to them that the man was too old anyway and shouldn't be in the club.

The reason he gave for wanting his girlfriend's father out of the way was that he needed to relax while chatting other girls and the older man's presence was making that impossible. His message read:

"Random 1 this, basically my birds dad comes into Level all the time and I can’t relax chatting to girls knowing he might be in there. Is there anyway you can make an excuse to him and ban him? He’s too old to be in there anyway he’s like 37. Here’s what he looks like."

The club shared a screenshot of the message on their Facebook page but made sure to blur the sender's name and the photo of his girlfriend's father which he also sent to the club for easy recognition. Unfortunately for the hopeful club goer, the club rejected his request.