Yvonne Nelson loses father, shares last photo they took together - pens emotional tribute to him despite not having a relationship with him

Ghanaian actress Yvonne Nelson's dad has passed on. He died on Monday 23rd January.

The actress has always said she never had a good relationship with her dad as he abandoned her while she was still a child.

In a 2015 edition of #GenevieveMagazine, the award winning actress said her father was not happy about her birth.

According to her; "My dad is not such an amazing person in my life. I don’t have any good memories of him".

She took to her Instagram page to mourn him and share the photo above which they took this month.

"Rest In Peace Father ❤. This picture was taken on the 6th of this month..., i have only two pictures with my Father, and this is one of them.....so much I wanted to talk about.....so much I wanted to say.....but God knows best....I know you are in HEAVEN......I know we'll meet again and talk about it all.....there were days I cried to my mum to bring me to yours......there were days I couldn't wait to see you and talk to you just for a minute....I longed to hold your hand.....I longed to sit on your lap.....I longed for all of that......can we still do that when I see you in HEAVEN?? Can we start all over again?? Can we correct the mistakes??? I longed for you so much. I have nothing but love for you.......❤in His last days....he always mentioned God in everything he said...why?? Because there's no one GREATER 🙏🏽 sleep well father #MRNELSON"

Via instagram.com/sugardailyng